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Get into a Bat Shak camper trailer top!

Bat Shak Camper Trailer Top
Bat Shak camper trailer tops are mobile, affordable and practical. The Bat Shak provides a wonderful camping experience and the opportunity to have fun at a price that won't break the bank.
Taylor's custom built Bat Shak is manufactured in Mareeba and incorporates proven designs and high quality materials to help you avoid costly repairs. We use products built to withstand the brunt of normal wear and tear and our practical designs also make it easy to repair individual issues, such as a tear, without having to dismantle the entire system if the need arises.
Our camper tops are made to suit your needs, so we can custom create them to your design specifications, or choose one of our pre-built designs. If you are after a trailer to install a camper top, we can source one for you, or you are free to supply your own.
The design preference is for a 7ft x 4ft trailer (2.14m x 1.22m), either on-road or off-road, with high sides to allow room for all your camping equipment.
The Bat Shak camper trailer tops are priced from $3500.